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What Is Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)?

Direct To Garment is a print process that uses high-resolution printers and specialty inks to produce designer clothing. This method of printing ensures high quality, precise color gradations, and durability that won’t fade over time. Direct To Garment is an ideal choice for fashion designers who require superior quality images of products their customers will wear every day.


A dtg design is one in which the inkjet print head prints small dots of dye onto the fabric. A dtf machine uses dextrin, also called starch, instead of a dye-based ink that is used in screen printing.

Why Direct To Garment?

Direct To Garment means more than just a superior print job. DTG prints in full color and offers a wide range of textile options, which means it’s easy to design one-off t-shirts with your own branding.

DTG Vs Screenprint

DTG allows you to print directly onto the clothing, which eliminates the need for screen print. It is a digital print process, so it is much easier to print vs the screen print method.

Benefits For You

Because Direct To Garment is digital, the cost is lower than screenprint, plus you are not forced to buy more prints than you need. So if you need just one piece of apparel printed, we got you covered. 

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We Provide Quality Direct To Garment Printed Products

DTG is a great option for printing designs on T-shirts, personalized hoodies, and other types of clothing. It can also be used to print on other types of fabric, such as banners, tablecloths, and flags. DTG is a quick and easy way to get high-quality prints, and it is perfect for creating custom designs.

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We ordered shirts for our roofing crew. We absolutely love them! Service is very timely and Ms. Pat is super friendly and customer service oriented. 

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DTG Print Is The New Cool!

DTG is quickly becoming the go-to printer choice for businesses and consumers alike due to its high quality, accurate prints, and low cost.