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What Is Sublimation T Shirt Printing

Sublimation T Shirt Printing embeds the sublimation ink in the t-shirt or merch and it never cracks or peel; unlike screen printing. It last as long as the shirt last. READ MORE BELOW
sublimation ink embedded in the shirt

Sublimation Printer For T-Shirts

Sublimation Printer For T-Shirts known as dye sublimation printing is used to heat transfer the ink on to high quality fabric, plastic and paper. Its method of preparing is by using a heat press machine and a sublimation printer. But one BIG difference is the fabric must be white or light colored for the ink to show up vibrantly. Just like heat transfer printing, sublimation printing don't take long, depending on order size, unlike screen printing. Dye Sublimation looks fantastic on merchandise and it is of higher quality. The products that are commonly used for sublimation printing are custom t-shirts and custom phone cases.
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Design Hub 360 offers Dye Sublimation Printing, a premium service, on high quality fabric. The reason it's a more premium service is because it allows us to go into more detail on the artwork. For instance, if you want a photograph printed on a shirt, it will look exactly like the photo. Reason being is because this type of printing is intricate and is of high resolution. No other printing method can do this; not even screen printing. It last longer and holds bold colors, no matter how many times you wash it.

Dye Sublimation Print is prepared a little different. It uses hot ink on specialized paper to press on the garment at a high temperature and a fast print speed. The ink on the sublimation paper is then transformed into gas using a heat press. It takes a great deal of skills for this type of artwork. This is why you need an expert like 360 Custom T Shirts to get you right.

Although Dye Sublimation Print is fabulous and of higher quality, there are a few drawbacks. The fabric has to be lighter colored and most companies make you order at least 6 pieces.  The ink cartridges and the specialized paper needed can be kind of expensive. You also have to use the standard 100% Polyester fabric, although the ink will still stick to at least 40% (100% cotton works too with specialized spray) Polyester. Those polyester shirts can also be a little expensive, unlike other custom shirts. But at 360 T-Shirts, there is no minimum order. And you still get the same  high quality we offer to all customers, regardless of order size.

Sublimation T Shirt Printing

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Sublimation T Shirt Printing

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