Custom Vinyl T-Shirts

We offer inexpensive Shirt Designs and Custom Vinyl T Shirts, on your hoodies, and any other printable fabric. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) printing is a method of applying designs, graphics, or text to fabrics using a heat press and vinyl. We use heat transfer vinyl, commonly known as HTV. And there is no minimum order, unlike screen prints. Depending on your order size and how complex your artwork is, custom t-shirts can be created fast and easily, within 3-5 business days. When you are ready to create your HTV t-shirt, hoodie, or Polo Shirt, just go on over to our Design Studio and create your heart out. We have a range of free designer templates available.

Custom Screen Printed Heat Transfers

Custom Screen Printed Heat Transfers are another popular t-shirt print method. Its method of printing on the fabric is a combination of heat transfer printing, sublimation, and screen printing. It uses a screen printer, specialized paper, and a heat press to get the job done, kind of similar to heat transfer vinyl. But it doesn’t crack or peel like HTV, plus it last longer. You can also create more complex designs with screen-printed transfers, just like sublimation. Custom Screen Printed Transfers are also popular. They can be compared to regular screen prints, but ink and a heat press are just used instead of screens, which makes it between heat press HTV and screen printing. They do last longer than vinyl print though. We do ask that your order is a minimum of 12. Screen Print Transfers can be created faster than screen print, but a little slower delivery than the vinyl method.

- Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Shirts -


The design should be simple and easy to transfer.

Not To Complexed

 Complex designs with a lot of details can be difficult to print correctly.


No More than two colors should be created with the design.

We Provide Quality HTV Printed Products At Affordable Prices.

Thanks to high-quality printing and the resurgence of vinyl records, HTV t-shirt printing is becoming a popular way to personalize clothing. With a huge variety of colors and patterns available, as well as the ability to print most images or text, HTV vinyl offers a unique way to display your individuality.

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Heat Transfer Prints

Heat Transfer Prints can also be used for other projects, such as making decals, stickers, and buttons.